ଇନ୍ଦିରା ଗାନ୍ଧୀ ବୈଷୟିକ ଅନୁଷ୍ଠାନ, ସରାଙ୍ଗ
An Autonomous Institute of Govt. of Odisha

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Question Paper Template for 5th Sem 60 Marks during COVID-19 file_download
Question Paper Template for 7th Sem 100 Marks during COVID-19 file_download
Appointment Letter Format 100 Marks file_download
Appointment Letter Format 60 Marks file_download
Question template for 100 Marks in COVID-19 file_download
Question template for 60 Marks in COVID-19 file_download
Question Paper Template for 6th Sem 100 Marks during COVID-19 file_download
Question Format for M.Tech 100 Marks file_download
Question Format for B.Tech/MCA 100 Marks file_download
Question Format for 60 Marks file_download
IGIT Question Setter's Undertaking file_download
Declaration by Question Setter/Examiner file_download
Remuneration Bill for Examiner file_download
Remuneration Bill for Question Setter file_download
Examiner's Report Format file_download
Equity Action Plan (TEQIP-III) file_download
2nd Sem. Result file_download
M.TECH(METTE-IM) file_download
M.TECH(METT-METT) file_download
M.TECH(MECH-PE) file_download
M.TECH(MECH-THERMAL) file_download
M.TECH(MECH-MSD) file_download
M.TECH(ETC-WCT) file_download
M.TECH(ETC-ETC) file_download
M.TECH(EE-ESE) file_download
M.TECH(EE-IPCD) file_download
M.TECH(EE-PED) file_download
M.TECH(EE-PSE) file_download
MTECH(ESAE) file_download
M.TECH(CIVIL-GE) file_download
M.TECH(CIVIL-SE) file_download
M.TECH(CHEM) file_download
MTECH(CSE) file_download
MSC(MATH) file_download
MSC(CHEM) file_download
MSC(PHY) file_download
MCA file_download
B.TECH(PROD) file_download
B.TECH(METT) file_download
B.TECH(MECH) file_download
B.TECH(ETC) file_download
B.TECH(EE) file_download
B.TECH(CSE) file_download
B.TECH(CIVIL) file_download
B.TECH(CHEM) file_download
Diploma Reg. Form... file_download
Bill for Remuneration... file_download
Delegation of power file_download
Bye-laws and Delegation of power of the Society file_download
NSC Pledge form file_download
Registration and Fees Collection Form file_download
Supreme Court Order file_download
UGC Regulation file_download
Anti-Ragging Gazet in Hindi file_download
Application Format for Non Teaching Post file_download
affidevite file_download
online fees collection system file_download
internal committee against sexual harassment (Act 2013) file_download
Student's Application Format for Training and Placement file_download
FARC Application Format file_download