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An Autonomous Institute of Govt. of Odisha



Title Date Download
Submission of Pre-thesis Seminar for PhD Scholars... 16-11-2019 file_download
Back Paper Registration of 1st/3rd semester B.Tech/B.Arch/MCA/M.Tech/M.Sc under BPUT,Odisha... 15-11-2019 file_download
Re-arrangement of Classrooms for all 3rd Semester Students... 15-11-2019 file_download
Examination Schedule for 5th Semester B.TECH/MCA_November2019... 14-11-2019 file_download
Branch Change list of B.Tech Students for 2019-20... 14-11-2019 file_download
Autonomy Results 2nd/4th sem (B.Tech/M.C.A) Refer Results under Downloads Section... 07-11-2019
Autonomy Results of 2nd Semester M.Tech (All Specializations)... 07-11-2019 file_download
Autonomy Results of 2nd Semester M.Sc (All Streams)... 07-11-2019 file_download
Rechecking of Answer Scripts for Even Semester Examination Results 2018-19... 07-11-2019 file_download
Notification for Branch Change 2019-20 B.Tech... 07-11-2019 file_download
Yoga Classes 2019-20... 05-11-2019 file_download
Registration for Biometric attendance of students for classes in B.A 101-106... 04-11-2019 file_download
Registration after Published Spl. Exam. Result. 2018-19... 02-11-2019 file_download
Back Paper Registration for 1st/3rd Semester under Autonomy... 01-11-2019 file_download
Revised 2nd internal Class Test Schedule of 3rd & 5th Sem... 01-11-2019 file_download
Room allotment of 7th sem.Prod.Engg. Student for 2nd Internal class Test... 26-10-2019 file_download
2nd Internal Class Test of 7th Sem B.Tech and B.Arch students 2019-20.. 21-10-2019 file_download
Updated M.Tech 3rd Semester Results of 2017 Admission Batch... 17-10-2019 file_download
Updated B.Tech 3rd Semester Result (Civil)... 17-10-2019 file_download
Notification for Research Grant Scheme under TEQIP-III... 17-10-2019 file_download
Format for Financial Grant under Research Grant Scheme (TEQIP-III)... 17-10-2019 file_download
Odd Semester 2019 registration data of Students_5th B.Tech... 16-10-2019 file_download
Notice for Forthcoming Semester Examination (Regular/Back) under Autonomy... 16-10-2019 file_download
Odd Semester 2019 registration data of Students_3rd MTech... 15-10-2019 file_download
Format for Name/DOB Correction... 14-10-2019 file_download
Odd Semester 2019 registration data of Students_3rd B.Tech... 14-10-2019 file_download
Odd Semester 2019 registration data of Students_3rd MCA... 14-10-2019 file_download
Odd Semester 2019 registration data_3rd MSC_AC,AM,AP... 14-10-2019 file_download
Notification for Name/DOB correction_M.Tech/M.Sc. Admission Batch 2017... 14-10-2019 file_download
1st Semester B.Tech Back Paper Results of 2017 Admission Batch... 27-09-2019 file_download
4th Semester M.Tech Results of 2017 Admission Batch... 24-09-2019 file_download
1st Semester M.Tech Back Paper Results of 2017 Admission Batch... 24-09-2019 file_download
4th Semester M.Sc. Results of 2017 Admission Batch... 23-09-2019 file_download
Notice for Cancellation of Branch Change 2019-20... 22-09-2019 file_download
Diploma All 1st semester Internal Programme 2019-20... 19-09-2019 file_download
Back Paper Registration 1st & 3rd Semester B.Tech, M.Tech & M.Sc Students under Autonomy... 18-09-2019 file_download
3rd Semester Lateral Entry B.Sc Students 2019-20... 18-09-2019 file_download
1st Internal Exam of 1st & 3rd Sem.B.Tech/MCA/B Arch 2019-20... 17-09-2019 file_download
Branch Change 2019-20... 17-09-2019 file_download
Rechecking of 1st Semester Back Paper Examination 2017... 16-09-2019 file_download
Parent Meeting of 1st Year Diploma students 2019-20 batch... 14-09-2019 file_download
Application for Spot Allotment of Hostel for 1st year Boys 2019 Admission... 10-09-2019 file_download
Notice for Branch Change of B.Tech 3rd Semester Students 2019-20... 09-09-2019 file_download
Corrigendum notice for Internal Exam of 5th Semester Mechanical students -Change of Subject... 27-08-2019 file_download
Academic Calendar for Session 2019-20... 26-08-2019 file_download
Revised sitting arrangement notice of 1st Internal Exam for 5th and 7th sem... 26-08-2019 file_download
1st Internal Exam Schedule for 5th/7th B.Tech/B.Arch and 5th MCA 2019-20... 24-08-2019 file_download
Students appeared using un-coded answer sheets... 07-08-2019 file_download
Special Examination 2019-20... 23-07-2019 file_download
Notice for Diploma (LE) students... 19-07-2019 file_download