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An Autonomous Institute of Govt. of Odisha



Title Date Download
Corrigendum to Quotation call notice No.1288 dtd.16.12.2017.... 28-12-2017 file_download
Pre-Thesis Submission Seminar 15-12-2017 file_download
Regarding Examination Autonomy and Schedule for 1st Year (2017 Admission Batch) 14-12-2017 file_download
Regarding 1St end Semester Examinations(2017 batch admission)....... 12-12-2017 file_download
Tender for Watch and Ward... 08-12-2017 file_download
Notice for Brahmas Bhawan... 08-12-2017 file_download
Notice for Surya Bhawan... 06-12-2017 file_download
tender for Manpower Estate.... 06-12-2017 file_download
notice for 7th and 5th Semester Student... 05-12-2017 file_download
Notice for Prithivi Bhawan and CR Type 05-12-2017 file_download
EXPRESSION OF INTEREST.... 02-12-2017 file_download
The last date of our e-quotation IGIT/Prod/44 dated 16.11.2017 is extended 26-11-2017
FDP program on Big data Hadoop & Analytics 26-11-2017 file_download
extension of the last date of our e-quotation IGIT/Elect/328... 16-11-2017 file_download
Quotation call for Production Deptt...... 16-11-2017 file_download
HOD Council meeting held on 31.10.2017 06-11-2017 file_download
Quotation for Furniture... 05-11-2017 file_download
Applications for the post of PRINCIPAL/DIRECTOR 21-10-2017 file_download
Quotation Call for Electrical Engg. Dept. 19-10-2017 file_download
SHORT QUOTATION CALL NOTICE for CSEA Dept... 13-10-2017 file_download
Spot Admission in Akash Bhawan 12-10-2017 file_download
information to diploma students... 06-10-2017 file_download
techno-cultural fest QUIMICA-3.0 from 16 -18 October, 2017... 06-10-2017 file_download
PhD program-2017-18 24-09-2017 file_download
Information to 2nd year students.... 23-09-2017 file_download
Application for M.Tech and MSc scholarship under TEQIP-III 22-09-2017 file_download
AICTE Sponsored Two Week Faculty Development Program at Electrical Engineering Department from 22-11-2017 to 5-12-2017 16-09-2017 file_download
2nd Allotment list Akash Bhawan 2017 Admission 15-09-2017 file_download
SHORT QUOTATION CALL NOTICE (T &P) 15-09-2017 file_download
Time Table for MTech (PT) Environmental Science & Engineering 09-09-2017 file_download
Final call to Diploma 1st year and LE students... 30-08-2017 file_download
Final Notice 1st Allotment Boys 2017 Admission... 30-08-2017 file_download
CORRIGENDUM TO ADVT.NO.IGIT/LIB-110 24-08-2017 file_download
Reporting to Rohin Bhawan 22-08-2017 file_download
Walk in Interview... 22-08-2017 file_download
price bid opening... 22-08-2017 file_download
Reprting_to_Hostel_Commencement_of_Classes_for_1st_Year_B.Tech_MCA_M.Tech_M.Sc 21-08-2017 file_download
Hostel Allotment for both B.Tech and MCA in Ladies and Boys Hostel 17-08-2017 file_download
Expression of interest are invited from reputed manpower/ Service Providers... 17-08-2017 file_download
Diploma attendance (Up to July-2017) 17-08-2017 file_download
2nd Round SPOT ADMISSION TO 1ST YEAR B.TECH FOR THE SESSION 2017-18 12-08-2017 file_download
3rd phase Spot admission to the vacant seats of MSc 12-08-2017 file_download
SSR NAAC Report... 25-07-2017 file_download
Attention- All 3rd Semester B. Tech students 24-07-2017 file_download
Second round admission MSc. (Phy and chem) 19-07-2017 file_download
Time Table (BTech and Diploma) 19-07-2017 file_download
Quotation Call for smart class(T&P) 16-07-2017 file_download
for smart class(CSE) 16-07-2017 file_download
for smart class(ETC) 16-07-2017 file_download
Results of M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics... 14-07-2017 file_download
Notice for Lateral Entry (Diploma)... 12-07-2017 file_download
M.Sc. Result (Phy &Chem.) 11-07-2017 file_download
Notice for Surya Bhawan (Alloted Room & Mess Advance) 09-07-2017 file_download
Notice for Prithivi Bhawan Mess Dues... 08-07-2017 file_download
Mess Advance of Different Hostels... 04-07-2017 file_download
Payment info. for Ayabhat Bhawan... 04-07-2017 file_download
Mess dues of 2nd and 3rd year B.Tech. & Diploma students-2017 of Rohini & Prithvi Bhawan 04-07-2017 file_download
Diploma Odd Sem Regn. 04-07-2017 file_download
Results of Asst. Prof. Interview in Civil Engg. and Economics held on 30-06-2017 30-06-2017 file_download
Results of Asst. Prof. Interview in mett. and mat. Engg. and management held on 29-06-2017 29-06-2017 file_download
Results of Asst. Prof. Interview in Prod. Engg. held on 28-06-2017 28-06-2017 file_download
Results of Asst. Prof. Interview in Mech. Engg. held on 27-06-2017 27-06-2017 file_download
Recruitment for non teaching post... 20-06-2017 file_download
Database Registration for Blood Donation... 23-05-2017 file_download