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Student Discipline & Obligations

Students’ Disciplin
  1. It is expected that the student during their stay in the Institute will inculcate practice discipline in all their activities. They will extent due courtesy & co-operation to all the employees of the institute in discharging their duties. They should have mild and moderates approach towards their institute mates & should so due regards to their teachers. On passing out also they will maintain the image of the institute where they have been graduated.
  2. On the other hand disobedience of the institute & hostel rules restoring to indiscipline and bad conduct in any sphere of life in the institute misbehavior to the steps and students damaging the institute and hostel properties adoption of unfair means in the class rooms, laboratories and examinations etc., shall be treated as a serious offence on the part of the student and disciplinary action depending on the intensity of misconduct will be taken against the student provide guilty.
  3. The students once restricted, explained whose name is struck out the rules of the institute shall have to vacate the hostels immediately failing which the other lawful measure will be taken against him as decided by the institute admission.
  4. Unauthorised & mass absence from classes (both theory and sessional) and examination (both university state council and institute) will be treated as indiscipline and action benefiting to the situation will be taken. Students found persuading others for the above will also be treated as being indulge in the indisciplinary activities.
  5. Unsatisfactory progress in the studies, default in payment of institute and can also be viewed as students indiscipline in case no satisfactory explanation is available to institute regrading the reason of such situation.
  6. Possession or use of unauthorised drinks, narcotics or any prohibited material will lead to restriction of students found involve the matter shall be reported to the parents and the students will be immediately handed over to law and order authorities.
  7. Duplicating the signatures of the institute authorities highly objectionable and if any student found involved in such activities will be dealt with severely. The student when deputed for practical training should scrupulously abide by the rules and regulations of the organisation imparting the trainee. Each student has to complete a course of practical industrial training as approved by the institute.

Any of the following acts of indiscipline will be viewed seriously.

  1. ILL treatment or disorderly behaviour to the staff of the institute or the fellow students.
  2. Unsatisfactory progress in the studies.
  3. Adoption of unfair means in the institute, university and state council examination.
  4. Membership in the clubs and associations outside the institute or attending the unauthorised meetings.
  5. Inviting outside elements to the institute without permission of the institute authorities.
  6. Unauthorised absence from the class examination and test.
  7. Default in payment of institute/Hostel fees.
  8. Attempt or persuading others to attempt towards boycott or postponement of examination and test.
  9. Damage or tampering of properties and fittings in the institute/hostel, losses may be recovered from the individual; groups as fines in addition to other punishment.
  10. Without the permission of the authority no student is permitted to contact the outside agencies like media (electronics & paper), Law and order authorities, administrative authorities etc., failing which strigent action may be taken.

Students of the institute expected to maintain high degree of discipline in all their activities during their stay in the institute campus and also when they remain outside the institute. They should behave in such a way the good name of the institute is maintained although.

N.B.: The institute reserves all rights to modify /revise any or all the para/clauses of this prospectus as will be decided by the management of the institute.

Students’ Obligation

Students are required to equip themselves with books, instrument box with other drawing material viz., the drafters, set squares, calculator or other stationary.

Use of the institute blazer is compulsory. The blazer colour is z-blue and tie colour is maroon. Students must come to the institute with uniform dress till the last semester. Attendance of class /Library with uniform dress is compulsory. The dress code sample colour is given below. Dupatta colour is same as Salwar.

Railway concession are issued to the students for going home or to the training place and back only during vacation.

Students when admitted are issued with institute identity card which must be in possession while in the institute or outside and produce whenever demanded or required. The identity card should be revalidated every year.

Photograph of students with blazer, tie and monogram of the institute should be submitted in the academic and Library section for issuing identity card and Library card respectively.

A bonafide student of the institute must keep his/her identity card with him/her whenever he/she is in the institute or campus of institute.

The student when deputed for practical training should scrupulously abide by the rules and regulations of the organisation imparting the trainee. Each student has to complete a course of practical industrial training as approved by the institute.